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Picture of Silver Star Stainless Steel Casket Casket
Silver Star Stainless Steel Casket
Description :

Proudly Made in the USA! USA Solid Stainless Steel. Do not
be fooled by cheap or lesser quality from caskets made in China.
Call us at 1-800-550-7262 for any questions!

American quality at the very best price and service that can not
be compared to anyone else!

In the traditional design of classic high end caskets made in
either Bronze or Copper,ALSO - we can customize this
selection with different color interior and outside finishes so
its Just what they wanted! ie - Military fabric/emblem!

Unique classical hardware on the sides and end provide for a
complete production that makes this casket look worth more than 3X
what you have to pay for it.

The natural Silver color handles compliment the natural Steel brushing
and Silver shades on the complete top and sides. Styled from an elite
Stainless Steel design. American Stainless Steel!

The interior is tailored with White Velvet over an adjustable
inner bed that provides just the right positions for viewing.

The interior has a 24 inch width to allow room for most any size.
The blanket and pillow are tailored with the same White velvet,
along with a custom tuxedo tuft panel design.

Built with an End Lock, when closed, allows the top lids to be
pressed tight on top of the gasket surrounding the interior. This
is the highest quality steel casket you can buy!

Standard shipping (from 1-5 days depending on location)is only
$195 & up. For Overnight or Rush Delivery, it is available for an
additional charge. Call us for quotes - 1-800-550-7262

Call us at 1-800-550-7262 for answers to your questions!

Typical Price:   $8999.00
Our Price: $2699.99

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