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Photo of Wooden Pet Caskets Plan Urn
Wooden Pet Caskets Plan
Description :A labor of love - for those of us with the skills to build things out of wood, making a final resting place for a loved one can provide important resolution and closure.

It is easy to build these caskets using the detailed drawings and step-by-step instructions. To meet your needs, the plan comes with four casket sizes: Xtra large, Large, medium, and small.

For cemetery burial, please contact your local pet cemetery for their standards and requirements. All dimensions given are outside dims, however, you are responsible for any final dimensions of the casket.

The plans include instructions on how to make four sizes of caskets.

Small - suitable for small birds and hamsters - 4-1/2 inch High x 7-1/2 inch Wide x 4-3/4 inch Deep

Medium - for small cats and dogs - 13 inch High x 19 inch Wide x 10-1/4 inch Deep

Large - for bigger cats and medium sized dogs - 14-5/8 inch High x 28-1/4 inch Wide x 20-1/4 inch Deep

Extra Large - for big dogs like retrievers and labs - 19 inch High x 36 inch Wide x 24 inch Deep

The Small casket does not require any additional hardware.

If you wish to order the additional parts needed for the other
three sizes - Medium, Large or Extra Large - The total cost of the plans and the hardware described would be $39.99! Saves you a lot of time trying to get the right parts. This comes with the standard shipping of 5-7 days.

TOTAL COST FOR PLANS AND HARDWARE - $54.99. Make a note on the order form requesting both the plans and the hardware needed.

Here is an example of what is needed for the medium,large or Xtralarge:

1 pair Separable Hinges
2 each Left Hand or Right Hand Lid Catch
2 each Lid Support
1 pack of #8 x 2\\\" screws

Standard shipping is included in the listed price. Rush and/or overnight charge is $19.99 - plans only. Plans plus parts additional rush charges are $39.99 for rush/2-3 day shipping.

Typical Price:   $99.00
Our Price: $19.99


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