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Photo of Ventana Sage Ceramic Urn and Keepsake Urn
Ventana Sage Ceramic Urn and Keepsake
Description :Truly hand made with finished glazes that are high gloss and matte finishes. Each Adult urn has a miniture Sharing Urn Keepsake that is just like it in color and style.

The Sage Adult Ceramic is 9.9"H x 6.8"W with 200 cu inches of room for the cremated remains. The Sharing Keepsake is 3" x 1.7" and has a capacity of 5 cu inches. Multiple Keepsakes can be ordered at the same time with a discount.

Truly for someone who is close to the Earth and loves Mother Nature.
This ceramic is suitable for either display or burial. Strong yet classy, simple and yet elegant.

Multiple Keepsakes are available for just $69.99 each after purchase of either an Adult and/or Sharing urn. They also may be purchased individually for either style.

You must indicate what combination you want in the notes section of your order.

Adult Sage Urn ONLY - $279.99
Sharing Sage Keepsake ONLY - $79.99

Standard shipping is FREE. Overnight or 2-3 day shipping is available upon request for an additional charge.

Typical Price:   $599.99
Our Price: $349.99


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