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IRS Apprasial Form

Totally Safe & Secure -** With Encryption**

$137 Appraisal. will appraise your property in any of the 50 United States of America, and furnish you with a certified written appraisal acceptable to the IRS when you donate your property to a recognized charitable organization. will fill in the proper numbers and sign IRS form 8283 in the appropriate place by an official Cemetery Appraiser who has over 25 years of experience and expertise. will furnish with the appraisal, a qualification statement from the appraiser that validates the amount to be provided to the IRS as a Schedule A Tax deduction. The 8283 formand and signed appraisal are required by the IRS for any charitable donation with over $500 in claimed value. WE provide the highest donation value we can justify with our appraisals. This is a "win-win" for any taxpayer filing a Schedule A for claimed deducations.

To request more information or order an appraisal, fill in the order form and follow the instructions. All required fields are in red.

NOTE: All information is keep Confidential and forms sent are encrypted.

Full Name on the Cemetery Certificate of Interment Rights (Deed):

Tax payer ID (Social Security #)

Full Description of Property Donated (Name, Address, Phone Number of Cemetery, Full Property Description, and other details):

Date of Contribution to Non-Profit Charitable Organization:

Date of Property Acquired:

How Acquired (Purchase, Gift, etc):

Original Cost (Must be specific - $0 as a gift, or exact original cost):

Complete Name & Address of Organization receiving the property contribution:

Once complete by, the IRS Form 8283 will be sent to you completed and signed with a Declaration of Appraiser. You may then present this form to your CPA or Income Tax Preperer for further completion to submit with your tax return.

Personal Information Form:

Phone Number:
Alternate Phone Number:
Email address:

I request an appraisal now: No Yes

If yes, complete credit card information below, or call 1-800-550-6325.

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Billing address:
Card Number:
Expiration Date:
CVV2 number: What is CVV2?
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