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Thank you! for visiting our casket gallery of Quality Cremation Urns and Funeral Urns. Simply click on a category below to view the Price, Picture, and Description for one of our fine merchandise selections!

Urn Categories

$99 Dlrs or Less Urns Urn
$99 Dlrs or Less Urns

199 Dlrs and Less Urns Urn
199 Dlrs and Less Urns
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299 Dlrs and Less Urns
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399 Dlrs and Less Urns

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AAA Plus Urn Specials
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Angel Urns
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Biodegradable Urns

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Brass Urns
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Bronze - Book Urns
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Bronze Urns

Bronze Urns - ART Urn
Bronze Urns - ART
Bronze-Lasting Memories Urns Urn
Bronze-Lasting Memories Urns
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Ceramic and Glass Urns

Child Urns Urn
Child Urns
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Cloisonne Urns

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Companion Urns
Flag Cases Urn
Flag Cases
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In Memory Of

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Infant Urns
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Keepsake Urns

MADE in the USA Urn
MADE in the USA
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Military Urns
Natural Stone Urns Urn
Natural Stone Urns

Pet - 1st Read this Info Urn
Pet - 1st Read this Info
Pet - Cat Figurine Urn
Pet - Cat Figurine
Pet - Dog Figurine Urn
Pet - Dog Figurine

Pet Casket - Build It Urn
Pet Casket - Build It
Pet Urns Urn
Pet Urns
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Religious Urns

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Unique or Unusual Urns
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Urn Vaults
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Wood Urns

"Click On Any Picture For More Detail!!!"

Bronze Urns - ART
ORCAS SONG Collectors Artwork Urn
Urn image of =Bronze Urns - ART
***SAVE $500 - Solid Bronze APRIL 2021 SAVE $500 by telling us
of the APRIL ORCA discount when you purchase!

Embrace SAVE THE WHALES with your own personal tribute showing
their Beauty and Grace! A picture of our GOD and HIS creations.

The value of this Urn as a work of art, far surpasses the selling
price making it really unbelievable! Compare to the spirit of the
Wyland ocean wildlife creations for beauty and feeling.

One (1) Cast Orca Urn is available. These signature pieces of
Bronze Art will not be available again. They are exclusive in both
design and mold and cast into the base.

This urn was designed by a master sculptor of bronze for
statues and artwork for many different type of urns requested. No
longer available for any future orders, this one is rare and

Holds approx 160-180 cu in of cremains. Size is 16 inches high and
has a width of 16 inches. Suitable for a regular size person or
for just a Keepsake. Heavy in weight with custom finishing. Opens
at the bottom to place the cremains inside. Solid and strong
sealing device.

Breaking the water high and mighty, this beautiful King of the Sea
portrays strength, beauty and character. Ebony Orca, polished and
patina bronze colors, are off-set by the turquoise ocean blue
splashing waves below.

Beyond this work of art being used for cremated remains, this
signature, no longer available, sculpted Bronze Custom art piece
is a real find, even just for a collector to keep and show.

Priority shipping (1-3 days) is just $295. Overnight NEXT DAY
shipping available for $495.

CALL NOW FOR ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS! 1-800-550-7262 (Product Code MAORC) $2999.97

NOTE: All urns shipped anywhere in the USA for $15 standard shipping. Overnight shipping available - call for quote. Prices subject to change without notice.

Casket Gallery Showrooms has literally 100's more urn selections available. Simply contact one of our consultants to discuss a style you are interested in. We have artisians who can custom make any bronze, wood, ceramic, or Garden Art urn or memorial you may be interested in. What are your wishes?

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