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Victoria Marcus (née Cighi)
April 27, 1915   -   June 01 , 2016

Obituary posted by : Maria Mirghesiu ,  Aunt   
Person Description:
Victoria Marcus (née Cighi) was born to the Greek Catholic family of Floare Lapos (1888-1952) and Dumitru Simion Cighi (1879-1962) in Bocsa, Salaj, Austria-Hungary (now Romania), on April 27, 1915. She had three late sisters [Maria, Floare, Valeria Ciobanca (1922-2015)] and three late brothers (Ioan, Vasile, Simion). Victoria got married to Ioan Marcus (1909 – April 14 1946, Ilisua, Salaj) on June 1, 1935 and they had a girl: Maria Velea (born in Ciacova, March 12, 1942) and married to Nicolae Velea in 1966. The widow Victoria remained close to her parents and she shared a house with her sister Maria in the nearby city of Zalau. In her book, Cind privesc cerurile (Iasi, 1996, 973-670-050-x), Maria Velea recounts her early years at her maternal grandparents in Bocsa, immediately after WWII. Just after her retirement in the 1970s, Victoria moved to her daughter in Iasi, at 5 Buna Vestire St. She died at the Sf. Spiridon Hospital in Iasi, on June 1, 2016, just two days after Victoria fell in her bathroom, on Monday. On Thursday, June 2, the body was transferred from the morgue to the Annunciation Church, where her son in law plays a role in the administration. She was my last aunt alive and I will miss her annual visits to my house in Zalau.
Service Information:
The funeral Service was held at the Annunciation Church in Iasi on Saturday, June 4st, 2016 with funeral afterwards to the Eternitatea Cemetery. The funeral service was attended by her siblings children: Maria Mirghesiu (b. Ciobanca on July 1st, 1946), Elena Opris (b. November 15th, 1948), Ioan Ciobanca (b. October 16th, 1950), Eugenia Cighi (b. December 1, 1938), Ioan Dumitru Cighi (b. September 8, 1950), Vasile Simion Cighi (b. August 27, 1959).
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