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William Anthony Gonsalves (Billy-G)
June 20, 1954   -   July 17 , 2015

Obituary posted by : Mark Gonsalves  ,  Brother   
Person Description:
Loving Son of Peggy Ann and William Joseph Gonsalves & Stepfather, Richard John Alexander. Loving Brother to Mark Jesse Gonsalves & Loving Father of Sheri Lynn, William Anthony and Justin Joseph Gonsalves and many Grandchildren, sadly passed away on the warm summer afternoon of Friday July 17th, 2015 in Sacramento, California. An avid baseball player and lover of many sports, he was also a long time resident of Hayward, California where he attended Sunset High School before enlisting into the military branch of the U.S. Army in 1971. He was then stationed in Hawaii where he continued to play baseball for the Army league and over the next few years, he became quite an attraction for numerous scouting agencies while playing the position of catcher. Upon returning to the mainland, he later became a well known bartender and acquired the nickname, Billy-G while working at various establishments throughout the Hayward area before relocating to Sacramento. There, he would perform tile and carpentry work for years before finally becoming disabled. He was a huge lover of the outdoors and especially enjoyed Fishing, Hunting and Camping but always had a greatly exceptional and unconditional love for all of his kids. He will be tremendously missed and forever remembered by all of his family members and the many dear friends who all had the pleasure of knowing this wonderful man. Rest in peace.
Service Information:
A reunion of family and friends will be held in the loving memory of William Gonsalves and to celebrate his life on Saturday August 1st, 2015 at the home of his elder son, William Anthony at around noon in the Palma Ceia of Hayward. Please contact William Anthony Gonsalves (son) on Facebook for location details.
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Contributor :  Mark Gonsalves

Hello Brother! I put together this obituary for you with a message board attached so everyone can express their feelings and share their thoughts with you and each other as we will forever missed you Billy. I\'m really thankful that we had the chance to get closer than what we were. I know it was good for both of our souls and mom\'s too. I\'ll see you soon enough. Love you brother. Peace

Contributor :  Mark Gonsalves

For Everyone who would like to give their last respects to my brother, Bill - the date of his services will be on Saturday August 8th, 2015 and not on the 1st as listed above. It will be held at Bill\'s son\'s house. As soon as I know the time and address I will be posting it here which should be within the next two days. If anyone has any other questions, they can call me at 510-493-5956. Thank you.

Contributor :  Darlene

Rest in Peace Billy.

Contributor :  Susie Johnston

Billy G will be missed. Bob and I spent many hours over the years drinking beer and talking about A\'s baseball. He had a good sense of humor and was proud veteran. He will be missed but is now in a much better place. God Bless your family during this time, especially your Mom.

Contributor :  Mark Gonsalves

The services for my brother on Saturday August 8th 2015 At little Billy\'s house was awesome! He did an excellent job and the arrangement was superb at his beautiful home with \"bar-b-que and beer\" just how my brother would\'ve wanted it. There were family and friends that came from far distances and who I never expected to be there. It was really good to see them all there together. Little Billy and our cousin, Gilbert both gave heartfelt and impressive speaches without shedding a tear. Everything was absolutely beautiful. I know my brother was proud and happy to have all of his good looking kids there together and I could actually feel him looking down upon all of us the whole time I was there. Rest in peace brother.