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Vehanoush Ashekian-Haladjian
July 31, 1935   -   November 04 , 2014

Obituary posted by : Yelena Osipova ,  Granddaughter   
Person Description:
Vehanoush Haladjian died peacefully in her sleep after a lengthy illness on November 4, 2014.

She was born in Beirut, Lebanon on July 31, 1935, to Garabed and Vehanoush Ashekians, both Genocide survivors. She was the sixth child of Garabed’s second family (first family perished during the Genocide). Her mother passed away soon after she was born and Vehanoush was named in her memory. Growing up in the Armenian quarter of Bourj Hammoud, she was educated by Armenian Evangelical Church traditions and schools, learning Armenian, some Arabic and French, as well as Turkish at home. She had to start working early and soon became a fine tailor.

In 1960, she married George Haladjian (later divorced), with whom she had three daughters. The loss of her second baby daughter was a big tragedy, from which she never recovered.

She recalled very vividly the years of WWII when they received rationed food and sweets. Living through the chaos of the first several years of the Lebanese civil war and after the second shell hit the roof of their top-floor apartment and they survived, they decided to move to Armenia in 1978. There, she continued to work as a tailor, then worked in a factory, as a baby-sitter, and then as a full-time grandmother. The transition was not at all easy for her, but she persevered, always saying that despite it all, Armenia was her motherland.

Some of her fondest memories were her pilgrimages to the Holy Land, made in 1957 and 1959. She was very proud of her “Haji” tattoos, one of a cross and another of St. John’s head, which she got in Jerusalem. These tattoos were often misunderstood in Soviet Armenia, but they made for a number of good stories she was always happy to retell.

Vehanoush is preceded in death by her parents, siblings, and daughter, Vehanoush, Garabed, Eugenie (stepmother), Sirouhi, Hovhannes, Manoug, and Sona. She is survived by her daughter Armineh and son-in-law Vladimir Osipov, of Yerevan; daughter Jaqueline, of Yerevan; grandchildren Yelena (of Washington, DC), Sipan (of London, UK), Karine (of Zurich, Switzerland), Shant (of Yerevan, Armenia); her sisters Yeproohie Dancer (of Houston, Texas) and Berjoohie (of Los Angeles, California); and several beloved cousins, nephews and nieces in Armenia, Lebanon, U.S. and Uruguay.
Service Information:
The wake: 6-8 pm, 5 November, 2014 in St. Haroutyun Church in Parakar, Yerevan. Funeral: St. Haroutyun Church, 1 pm, 6 November, 2014. She will be buried in Nubarashen cemetery next to her eldest sister, Sirouhi.
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