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Jackson Shepard
May 03, 1996   -   April 19 , 2014

Obituary posted by : Lola Shepard ,  Mother   
Person Description:
Jack Shepard was truly a great person. Unfortunately he got involved in bad things and went down the wrong path. Jack died April 19th from an overdose. Please pray for his family and friends. He was so loved by everyone in his life. His best friend Reagan was always by his side and took care of him, so please pray for her she is a wonderful person. He might have made a few mistakes but that doesn\'t matter because he was a friend you would want around. He would do anything for anyone no matter what. It is so sad that this happened to someone who didn\'t deserve it, but I hope this can help other people too who are struggling and learn that there is a better way out. Jack loved life and would always light up the room when he was around. No one should die at 18 years old so please if you need help get that help. If you would like to know more please email reagan or Lola Shepard. Thank you all. And we all miss you Jack so much we wish you could come back right now. We love you!
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