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Ashok Krishna
February 09, 1958   -   April 18 , 2014

Obituary posted by : Praveen K Narayanan ,  Friend   
Person Description:
A very active and core volunteer of AOL. Also a very supportive individual to the Indian Community in Jubail. He was a unique personality with ever smiling face and natural love to all and ever ready to volunteer helping hand for needy.
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Contributor :  kamlesh and Madhvi jariwala

We are shocked.God bless his soul rest in peace.Shree Krishna give strength to his family members to bear the invaluable loss!!
Jai Gurudev

Contributor :  Praveen K Narayanan

A truly good and inspiring man who will be remembered for generations.May your soul rest in perfect peace and may the good LORD comfort your loved ones…. You will forever be in our hearts.

Contributor :  Kunnath Girish Menon & family

Ashokji was a wonderful person with many special and unique qualities.He was so caring,loving and a lively personality with ever smiling face. We will honor his legacy of serving and comforting with unconditional love.His dedication of his life to the humanity and the impression he made with everyone because of natural love is a rarest character.
We will miss him more than we can ever say, but we realize that certainly the heaven is rejoicing for another soul who reached his true home. We are with you for ever and ever Ashokji and family.

Contributor :  Prasad Krishna

Loneliness and Ashokettan
Still, I don\'t wanna believe you left us
I wanna believe you went for a vacation
An emergency vacation
To a place I can\'t come and visit
Until I get a ticket to reach there.

Last three months we became
Very close cause every night
We\'re together for dinner
Taught me how to enjoy cooking

I miss your calls everyday
I miss your advices like an elder brother
Instant solutions to the problems
I had rather we had.

You wanted to be always with people
Sacrifice anything for friends
While going to another world
You were with us and we can\'t assimilate
The fact that you are no more.

I enjoy loneliness and solitude
But now I hate it since
The incident snatched you
From us haunting me still.

Elders will tell time will heal everything
But I don\'t believe it
Without mentioning you in our thoughts
We can\'t get together in future
\'Cause you were very dear to us.

I can\'t write more on you
Since words are not coming
To express our loss
But really we all miss you

Contributor :  Priya Prasad

I cant believe my dear elder brother is no more...i m not able to write anythng as my heart is filled with sorrow..!! but where ever u r...we are there for your family..and will help them to our maximum..they will never be alone..i sincerely pray to god that your soul rests in peace...u will be missed very much..all we can do is to hold on to the wonderful memories u gave us

Contributor :  Sruthi & Suvarna

i will miss ashok uncle soo much...never saw a person who was soo much fun to be with....his songs with the karoke...i still cant believe i am using past tense to refer to him....but he has gone to god...n all i can do is to pray for his soul..n to promise him that we all are there for his family...n they will never be alone..uncle...we all love u...n u will never be forgotten...!! from ur ever loving suvarna and sruthi..

Contributor :  S.M.Krishnan

It saddens to note the demise of Mr. Ashok Krishna. Our thoughts and prayers for the family and let the departed soul rest in peace.

Mr. Ashok was a very active member of AOL and other social group and we all shall miss his absence.

Contributor :  Deepak Madgeri

Ever Smiling and Kind hearted person ! We will miss him

It was shocking to know about the incident and Ashok\'s heavenly above. Condolences to all his family members and pray to Almighty to give courage during the tough moments and to come out of the bereavement soon. May his soul rest in peace!

Contributor :  Naveen Kumar

I was deeply saddened by the news of (Ashok Krishna) passing Away. My deepest condolence to you and your family.
There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in our heart.
I pray God for your soul be rest in peace and your family regain strength from this.

Contributor :  B.M Fasil

\"I will never forget the fond memories of Ashokettan. I can\'t imagine he is no more in this world. Even I can\'t sleep properly, although can\'t switch off the light also. He was well loved and respected. He had great character and a big heart He was able to effortlessly make everyone else have a good time. really from the heart...miss u very badly Ashoketta

Contributor :  Prasanth Cheriya Madathil

Ashokji was like my big brother, such a loving, caring and a very good personality. this is a big loss of our Jubail group. Still we can\'t believe that you are no more in this world. Your presence , your jokes, melodious song etc.......always hurting us and really miss you dear. Let us pray to God for your soul rest in peace and give enough strength to your beloved family to bear such a great loss.

Contributor :  Makarand & Manik Palamwar

It is beyond imagination that a jovial and ever-smiling person is no more with us. Ashokji, as a very social, special, helping person and a special friend, you will remain in our memory always. Our heartfelt condolence and prayers. May god give strength to bereaved family members..

Contributor :  Ramesh

Really sad to say few words in this situation about our dear Ashokji.. Whenever we had together I enjoyed your company and your smile, love, humour, good words all unique... Whole of your family have contributed lot to the people around.. Thank you so much Ashokji.. you have left a vaccumm and still I cant believe that you are not with us.. Ushaji and children must be going thru a tough situation.. have courage and let\'s pray for Ashokj\'s departed soul.. Nothing can stop you from the grief but let\'s all hope Ashokji is around with us..we all are with you in this difficult stage.. and dont lose hope... with prayers.. JGD

Contributor :  Kumaran Kodamana

I was very much shocked to hear the greatest loss of one of our dearest souls - Ashokji - whom we all fondly call. I cannot believe it, I am dumpstuck. I just came from the Advanced Course when Girishji\'s phone call was received to convey this sad news.

Ashokji, no doubt, belongs to the rarest tribe of good souls. I always had great respect and love for him. I always recall the good old days that I spent in the midst of you all, especially with Ashokji and Girishji. He would always call me as \"Mashe\" and I liked it very much. I named the AOL group of Jubail as JJG ( Jubilant Jubail Group), and Ashokji was the first person to second the name. HIs natural love for all human beings needs hardly any mention. He was great supporter of human cause, a thorough gentlemen,sweet spoken, kind hearted so on and so forth....the adjectives are endless. Without mentioning any thing specific, all of us know what Ashokhji has been doing. His life was a mission and he lived a full human life. His loss is irreparable and his vaccum is unfillable.

Year before my coming to Kerala, from Mumbai, me and my family, had the fortune to visiting his beautiful new house ( at that time, work was in the last stage of finish). He told me, \"Mashe, you must come and do a Guru Pooja in my house, next time you come\". That however, remains an unfinished one.

I just cannot say anything more, at this moment. You, good samarithans, must take care of his business matters in Saudi and do the needful. He may not be with us physically but eternally, he is with us and he will be looking at us. The best way to reciprocate to what Ashokji has done for all his friends,relatives,staff and public at large, is to shower our blessings and be of continuous support and help to Ushaji and Appu,Ammu and Nandu...........

My prayers that his soul may rest in peace and to Ushaji and Children - God is with you and you are not alone, we are all behind you, with you as always !!! May you be blessed with all the strength to stand the loss and sail through these difficult times in your life.

Ashokji, you will live in our hearts,ever. Your dedicated seva for the AOL would certainly fetch you a coveted seat in Heaven and you will get Moksha.

With Pranams to that great soul !!!!

Kumaran Mash

With warm regards

Contributor :  Rajagopalan

Hard to believe that Mr. Ashokji is no more with us. May his soul rest in peace.

Contributor :  Gurbachan S. Saini

I know, Ashok, your mortal body is taken back from leased godly part and your real-self is manifested in our hearts for ever and ever, no matter, how many births we take, obviously, showing your glorious strength at this moment of grief when all AOL family is trying to stand beside your loving family in support of Usha and children including myself. May you rest in peace with esteem and honor, at the best place in Heaven, keeping up your smiles and waiting for us while rejoicing your new home in Heaven. We will never miss you from our heart beat as long it is ticking and waiting for the last one. We will remember your smile face with love and care until the last breath. May God give your family all the strength to bear your absence, in the physical plane. May God bless you and your family.

Contributor :  Lakshmi Krishnan

Ashokji was a cheerful and committed member of our AOL family. We cannot forget the AOL family days that was enthusiastically organized by him. It is a great loss for Usha and her children . May the Almighty bless Usha and her children to overcome the grief!! Our sincere prayers are with you dear Usha!!!

Contributor :  K P Raman - Dubai

It was really shocking to know about the tragedy. A great Human being, Ashokji was always smiling & was a go getter & never said NO for anything. He will be truly missed by our AOL group particularly in Jubail. My heartfelt condolences to Ushaji & the 3 kids. I pray to almighty to give Ushaji & children enough strength to overcome this irreparable loss.

RIP Ashokji.......

Contributor :  Somu & Prasanna (iyersoman@hot

Very difficult to accept and come in terms with the reality....Ushachechi...our prayers are with you & children...May you all be given sufficient strength...

Contributor :  Sourav Chatterjee - Khobar

I was deeply saddened to hear of Ashokji\'s passing. Ashokji was a fine man with ever smiling face and a significant influence for good in others\' lives. Let us pray to the Almighty for his soul to rest in peace.


Really shocked...

May his soul rest in peace, we all here to support his family , may The almighty give courage to his family to overcome the toughest time


Contributor :  Anil and Sneh

Deeply saddened by the shocking news. Our heart felt condolences to Ushaji and family........
May God give you strength in this difficult bear the tragic loss.
Ashok will be remembered in our hearts as a dear friend and a very inspiring AOL volunteer. May God bless his soul......

Contributor :  prasannan

As a man shedding worn0ut garments, takes other new ones, likewise the soul , casting off wornout bodies, enter into others that are new.weapons cannot cut it nor can fire burn it.water cannot wet it nor wind dry it.asokanji you are like this to us