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Jack Anthony Crisp
September 20, 1944   -   January 04 , 2014

Obituary posted by : Tony Crisp ,  Son   
Person Description:
JACK “BIG FISH*” CRISP, 69, of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, affectionately known for his anecdotal stories, discovered the answer to life’s greatest mystery on the evening of January 4, 2014. He is the widow of the late Masuko “Nola” Crisp, Tokyo, Japan (1932-1988) and former husband of Dr. Barbara A. Grossman, D.C., Ontario, Canada. Jack is survived by his son Anthony “Tony” Crisp and fiance Jennifer Troutman (Crisp) of Orange County, California; brother, Ken Crisp, Yuba County, California; sister, Barbara Adams, Florida; sister, Joni Wiggins, Santa Clara County, California; grandson, Justin Troutman (Crisp); and dog, Chibi Junior. He was predeceased by sister, Paula Carney, Sacramento County, California.

Jack was born as John Anthony Schell on September 20, 1944 in Denver Colorado, son to Joan (Williams, Schell, Crisp, Peterson) Smart, then adopted by Ralph O. Crisp, Salt Lake City, Utah. He attended Marysville High School in Yuba County where he was on the wrestling team and graduated in 1962. Following High School he enlisted the US Army at Fort Bragg, North Carolina where he became a Sharpshooter Marksman and a Paratrooper for the 82 Airborne Corps. He received a Letter of Appreciation from General Westmorland for extending his term as a Military Police Officer during Vietnam wartime in Tachikawa, Tokyo, Japan where he later taught english at Waseda University, was a Scoutmaster, climbed Mount Fuji and was a DJ for a pirate radio station. Upon his return, with his brother, he built a thriving Crystal Creamery dairy product distribution business then, inspired by the Summer of Love, opened BodEast, a leather apparel boutique, with his fiance, Masuko. After graduating from El Camino College and California State University, Dominguez Hills with a Business Degree, he worked as an executive at Montgomery Wards, in Torrance, California with his best friend, Gordon Tom. An entrepreneur at heart, during his professional career he developed the Chi-Squared Matrix, sold and managed residential real estate, founded the All American BMX Raceway, launched Kyolic garlic pills, launched BioMax barley green powder, owned the DIN for vitamin B12 sublingual in Canada, founded the Reichian Essene Manor, served on the Board of the Canadian Health Food Association, sold SuperLearning products, offered search engine optimization services at Shadow Marketing, and manufactured MyTherapy homeopathy products. Jack loved meeting new people, laughing at his own stories, sharing his insight on geopolitical conspiracy theories, and hustling people at pool. He lived by the words “Be happy doing things, not having things.”

Memorial donations can be made to the Mariners Church At-Risk Youth Program.

Jack Crisp’s facebook:
Service Information:
The friends and relatives are cordially invited to join in the celebration of his life on Saturday February 1, 2014 at 6:45pm, presided by Pastor Richard Troutman, in the Chapel at Mariners Church, 5001 Newport Coast Drive, Irvine, California, 92603, (949) 854-7600, We request you bring your prayers, your fondest memory, and maybe even your favorite \"big fish\" story of Jack to share with family and friends. Reception to follow at the family home with a live performance by VELICIOUS.
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