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Mark Paul Beitia
April 28, 1951   -   January 11 , 2014

Obituary posted by : Ambrose Robello ,  step-son   
Person Description:
Service Information:
Mark Paul Beitia passed away and is in the Heavens above after a very long battle with Cancer. He is No Longer in Pain or Suffering, he is free of it all, no more struggling, he has found Peace. He was a Beloved Son, Brother, Husband, Father, Step-father, Grandfather, Uncle and Friend to many through his life. May the Loved Ones that could Not travel on this journey with Mark, find solace in knowing that he is finally at Peace...May they find Comfort in knowing he is no longer in pain...May they find joy in the fact he will continue to live on through everyones memories. R.I.P. Mark Paul Beitia 04/28/1951-01/11/2014 Keep Doing What You Always Tried To Do For Everyone, And Keep Guiding Us From Heaven Above. With Must Respect and Thanks for all the things you did for me in my life, you were a great teacher in many things that I learned... And...Also, Contrary to the Words and Thoughts of Others: The fact of the matter is that I was Raised by Mark and my Mother from the early age of 5 years old until 17 1/2 years old. I knew that he was not my Natural Father, but then again...I never knew my Natural father until I was 17 1/2 years old... So in my Opinion and Personal Feelings...Mark was the Only Father that I Consider having...Mark was there when I first started school, he and my mother both started me learning and reading so that I would be more prepared for when I did start school...they BOTH taught me Right from Wrong...Morals and Responsibilities...they BOTH Guided Me and Kept me on the straight and narrow, to Always Accept Responsibility for my own Decisions and Words...To Always Think for Myself and to make and Follow my own path, to not always follow in the footsteps of someone else. To Always Trust and Respect myself first, to Always give Respect to those that have earned it...and many more positive life long lessons. So, I look at learning from BOTH of their words and lessons...I took lesson in a combination of their guidance and my own informed decisions, feelings and knowledge of morals and responsibilities, personal beliefs and knowledge and experience...which is The Whole of a Person I am Today, and tomorrow... I have learned lessons from many people in my life, both, good and bad....I make my own Decisions on everything in my life, based on knowledge and experience. And I Always Accept and Acknowledge Responsibility for everything I do. Sincerely, Ambrose Robello.
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