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Olivia Kennell
April 23, 1939   -   November 07 , 2013

Obituary posted by : Bill Honer ,  husband   
Person Description:
Olivia improved the lives of hundreds of persons
in California and Hawaii through her development and implementation of innovative education and training programs for young gang members, the unemployed, and others in need. She brought a sense of dignity to
every action; Olivia will be deeply missed by her husband,family,and friends.
Service Information:
A service will be held at Iglesia de Barrio La Trinidad at 6:00 p.m.on Saturday, November 9, followed by a reception at the family home near the church.
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Contributor :  bill honer

Olivia will be deeply missed by many.

Contributor :  Deyanira Aguilar Avila

Dear Olivia!
We know you since abount 8 years ago. You were so kind and make friends like Marta and I. Now we are sad because you left this world and can not see you anymore, but we are sure you are enjoying the presence of God, where no pain, no suffer, no illness, everything will be peace, quietness, happiness, etc. You always will be in our thoughts and prayers. Sometime in the future, we do not know when, we will see you in heaven.
Marta y Deyanira Aguilar, Ciudad Colón, Costa Rica

Contributor :  Karen von Boetticher

Olivia, or \"Olive\" as we knew her many years ago, was a caregiver to my sister and I when we were small children. She would drive up on her mo-ped, which I thought was the coolest thing ever. We were enamored with her British accent, something my sister picked up as she was just learning to talk when Olivia came into our lives. While we already have a mother who loves us dearly, we were lucky to have the love of Olivia, too. Olivia was a part of our family for almost 10 years, and plays a role in many of my childhood memories. I\'m grateful to have been back in contact these past few years, and will treasure my memories of Olivia for years to come.

Contributor :  Sandra & David Kennell

To lose a special Sister,
brings pain beyond all measure,
But the times we shared are memories
that we will always treasure.

We will keep those special memories
locked safe within our hearts
For they will live forever
so we will never be apart

Contributor :  bill honer

\"I can honestly say that to me Olivia was the loveliest person I have ever known. She was just wonderful! My faith leads me to think that Olivia is resting in a place so grand that we cannot even imagine how beautiful it is.\" This was written by a friend. I believe that to be true.

Olivia was kind to people and animals. She had such courage she was chatting with staff as she went to the hospital with a broken hip. Olivia wanted to make the world a better place, and she made it a better place for many who had struggled with addictions and criminality-that made her a special person in many hearts-including mine. Her loving husband, Bill