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Phillys Mildred Rose-Escott
26/06/1914   -   September 19 , 2013

Obituary posted by : Sarah-Jayne Fisher ,  Great Grand-Daughter   
Person Description:
Phyllis Rose - My Great Grandmother.
Nan was awonderful, strong woman. She outlived 3 of 4 of her children, including my Grandmother - Maureen Fisher, who I sadly never got to meet.
She passed at the incredible age of 99, although she hoped to reach 100, and I always said she would oulive us all.
I loved visiting Nan, even at her age, she would still get up out of her comfy chair and insist on making a cup of tea, and when the tea was finished, she would always say to leave the cup for her to wash.

I remeber when I was young, Nan used to cook the best meat stew, with dumplings :)

After My great aunt Mildred \\\\\\\'Milly\\\\\\\' Rose passed just a few years ago, Nan then lived alone , and company was always welcome.

I always have fond memories of going to Nan\\\\\\\'s house on Christams eve in the evening, and always being facinated by this christmas decoration of a little vilage covered in light which had little children playing in snow.

Nan was the most wonderful person, she was so giving,she would do any thing for anyone, if she could.

With having such a family who doesn\\\\\\\'t talk much, I was not told that my dear Great Nan was in hospital until just a few hours before she passed, as soon as we were told, my mother and I rushed to the hospital and sat beside her , I decided that I coudln\\\\\\\'t be there when she passed, so my mother took me home around 1:30 am , and then dear Nan passed peacefully at aproximatly 3:00am on 19th September 2013.

i will miss my Great Gradmother deeply, and i am filled with regret that i did not visit her the weekend before she was taken into hospital, then i coudl have enjoyed a few more hours talking to her before she passed.

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