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Christian Ball
June 4,1972   -   August 19 , 2013

Obituary posted by : Carrie Anne Amato (Ball) ,  Sister   
Person Description:
On 8/19/13 Chris chose to end his life-long battle with depression. He was a remarkable young man who was a gifted artist and an accomplished mechanic. He was passionate about working on cars and bikes, as well as fishing. He was always quick with a smile, a joke, or some crazy idea that always ended with everyone laughing until their sides hurt. If a friend was sad, troubled or in need of comfort, Chris was the first one there to offer a hug, a shoulder to lean on, a compassionate ear, whatever he could do to help a friend, he was right there to do it.
He leaves behind his daughter Sammie, his sister, Carrie-Anne Amato (Ball), his brother in law, Anthony Amato, his nephews Billy and Ian Drumm all from Warminster, Pa, as well as countless friends, many of whom were family to Chris. Although he has left us broken hearted and with many questions, we hope and pray that he has finally found the peace that eluded him in life.
Service Information:
Service information has been sent to his friends.
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