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Ronald J Miller
October 28,1953   -   August 02 , 2013

Obituary posted by : Joanne Anderson ,     
Person Description:
Rony never married or had biological children,but he leaves behind family in his Godson Michael Anderson Jr,Ryan,David and Jenna,they called him Uncle Rony,but he was like a 2nd Dad to them,they have some great memories of growing up with him in their lives.riding bikes at D.W.playing baseball,watching cinderella with his Peewee 100 times,our boys talking to him about guy stuff tha they couldn\\\\\\\'t talk to mom or dad about,him saving them from punishments,driving thm to skatetown,and thousands more.All of their friends calld him uncle Rony.Their were a select few who were honored to have been given a knick name by him,as adults they are still called by those names,(muppet,chinky,tubbs) to name a few,he was a great guy and they knew they could always count on him to be there for them,He had as big a hand in raising them as me and my husband Michael,who was Rony\\\\\\\'s best friend in the world.he was as pround of them as we are.As much as it hurts for them to lose him,They watched the man who to them was indestructable,strong and unbeatable,wither away to a thin,unhappy shell of the man he was.They know he is no longer in pain or suffering physicaly or emoitionaly although he never showed it they knew he was so hurt and lonely when his so called \\\\\\\"friends\\\\\\\" couldn\\\\\\\'t bother to visit or even call to say hi,They were there everyday doing what little they could to try and bring some happiness to him and to show him he wasn\\\\\\\'t alone,When he was going thru chemo and got to a point were he wanted to stop cause he couldn\\\\\\\'t take it anymore,Ryan would leave work and go sit with him at the hosital so he wasn\\\\\\\'t going thru it alone and so he would finish the course.thats the kind of men he helped them become.Rony always had a I don\\\\\\\'t care tough guy attitude.But he loved and cared for them like they were his own children and he loved being POP POP to Little Ryan and Brianna.they mant the world to him.Rony leaves behind his beloved Mother Rita(Savianno)Miller,He was her baby and her heart is broken,loving Brother to Diane Hart and Edward Miller,Brother in law to Jimmy Hart who was one of his oldest and dearest childhood frinds,Cousin to Donna,Robbie and Eddie O\\\\\\\'neil,Michelle and Rory Nolan.
He was loved and leaves a hole in alot of lives,and will be missed immensly,God willing he is with his real friends the ones who went before him and hopefully were waitng for him to get were they are so the party could start,that is what I want to believe,that he is with,Michael,big tree,dunphy,ad his dad in a better place were there is no pain and suffering,just happiness and sunny days.
Service Information:
Hopefully we will be having a small memorial Service at Castle Island,South Boston Mass,We re waiting for His \\\\\\\"family\\\\\\\" to give us some of his ashes
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