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Thomas Greene Barlow
September 29th, 1948   -   July 27 , 2013

Obituary posted by : Jamie Loy Barlow ,  Daughter   
Person Description:
Thomas Greene Barlow passed away while recovering from surgery at LDS Hospital on July 27th, 2013. Tom was born in Helena, Arkansas on September 29th, 1948 to David Slaughter Barlow and Geraldine Jane Schuh Barlow, the third of four children. In 1970, Tom married the love of his life, Melinda Dale Stevens Barlow. They started a family right away and had seven children. Tom worked his entire life long to support and provide for his family; it was his number one priority. He managed fast food restaurants and specialty entertainment restaurants, he managed a print site for USA Today, and worked several marketing jobs over the years. Tom didn\'t have much time to develop hobbies or special interests and any extra time he had was devoted to family. The things he enjoyed most were telling his life stories to anyone that would listen, watching crime shows, and learning all he could from channels like History and Biography. When he could still see well enough to read, he enjoyed true, and inspiring stories or people.

Tom is survived by: his wife, Melinda; his children, J.C. Barlow, Steven (Kimber) Barlow, Spencer (Kim) Barlow, Jonathan (Noel) Barlow, Jamie Loy Barlow, and Jorie Jane Barlow; his grandchildren, Donny, Christina, Samantha, David, Brianna, Harley, Alayna, Isaiah, Noah, Nate, Finn, JJ, Nichelle, Jennika, Joey, Thomas, Maykayla, Richie, Abby, and Bella; his great granddaughter, Lillian; his siblings, Joseph Barlow, David Barlow, and Jane Pehrson; his nieces and nephews, Bryan, Christina, Shealene, Tiffany, Caitlyn, Bethany, and David. He is preceded in death by his parents, and by his daughter Chelsey Joann Barlow.
Service Information:
Services will be held at Suncrest 1st ward from 6:00 - 9:00 P.M. (a short program will begin at 6:00), 14977 South Roundtree (Deer Ridge Drive) Draper, UT
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Contributor :  Shealene - niece

I remember him best as \"Apple\" Tom (apparently I couldn\'t say \"uncle\"). I\'m happy to say that my most recent memory of him was when he was in Georgia last year and I was able to visit with him for the first time in over 20 years. He was exactly as I remembered him. I loved his dry sense of humor. I think it runs in our family. lol It was great to see him interact with his grandchildren and there was no doubt that they were very special to him and vice versa. I was hoping for many more visits with him but God had a different plan. I\'m so sorry he went so suddenly and unexpectedly, which makes my last visit with him even more precious! My heart goes out to all of those who are close to him and are grieving the loss of him.

Contributor :  Noel Barlow

I will miss you, Tom. You have really been there the last few years for me. And the precious time you spent with my kids, will be forever in their hearts. It has been a pleasure to be a part of your life, and thank you for sending me Jonathan. Even if he is a pain in my butt a lot of times, I love him dearly. You did well, Dad. You did well.

Contributor :  Liz Laney

I remember when we were pouring our concrete basement walls on our home addition in Mesa when one of the forms broke through and all the cement came pouring out and onto the finished floor. Steve was trying to stop the flow and the only thing I could think of to do was run into the house and call Tom, who was home at the time. He was there in minutes with his shovel and the two of them very quickly shoveled a lot of cement and repaired the form, saving the cement wall. I don\'t know why I remembered that incident, but it was typical of Tom to jump in and help a friend in need. I don\'t know what we would have done without him, but I can only imagine a really big mess of set up concrete.