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Mary Gobin Martin
April 9, 1933   -   May 10 , 2013

Obituary posted by : Laura Milham ,  daughter   
Person Description:
Mary Gobin Martin, 80 years old, died Friday, May 10, 2013, at Orlando Regional Medical Center.

Mary was born on April 9, 1933, in Trinidad, to Bal and Chinibas Gobin. The second oldest of 5 beautiful girls, she is survived by her siblings (sisters, Sybil, Kathy, Toysin, and Pearl, and her brother, Stephen), and her children and grandchildren. As a young teenager, she took care of her siblings when her father passed, and continued to do so until they were established in their own lives.

Married for 27 years to Chester, they raised their children, Rosemary, Richard, Greg and Laura on the Space Coast, gifting them with frequent, loud, and large family get togethers to celebrate holidays, birthdays, and anyday spent with each other. With each new grandchild, the celebrations grew to include Steven, Jeremy, Crystal, Peter and Chester (Jr.), and eventually including their extended families. After Chester passed in 1997, she generously moved to Orlando to be close to her youngest daughter to take care of her grandson Dylan. Mary remained there, enjoying being an onsite grandma and visiting with her great grandkids (Madelyne, Jack, and Kaia) until the day that she passed.

Known for her bigger-than-life personality, Mary took joy in providing generations of family and friends with her love, her advice, her encouragement and her cooking. She was happiest when she could give to another, and sacrificed her time, energy, and resources to take care of her loved ones. She inspired her children through her life lessons, and was an outspoken advocate for the value of education. She believed in the power of each person to choose their fate, and that anything was possible.

Her funeral will be held on May 22nd at Brevard Memorial Funeral Home at 2:30pm (for children), and 3:00pm for adults. “All I am I owe to my Mother. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual, and physical education I received from her.” (George Washington).
Service Information:
Her funeral will be held on May 22nd at Brevard Memorial Funeral Home at 2:30pm (for children), and 3:00pm for adults.
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