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Angel Prescott
February 02, 1992   -   April 01 , 2012

Obituary posted by : Marry Prescott ,  Mother   
Person Description:
Angel Prescott is half American and half Spanish. She has medium length black hair with a couple piercings.
Service Information:
Angel Prescott was a very moving person. With her courage, she would take on the strongest challenges throughout her lifetime. Her moving quotes to her sisters, as well as her mother. Very famous for writing poetry and also making the ones around her smiling, even in her own deepest depression moments from time to time. From taking care of her sisters to working to school work, she would always have a smile on her face, even when people knew she was upset. Lighting the rooms with joy and happiness, Angel would always recite her poetry to her family or close friends, Austin, Izzy, David, or Alex. Angel was a great and wonderful girl for the society, her friends, and also her family. She always wanted to become a nurse or a detective. With the head on her shoulders and with the friends she had, her mom says, “No doubt she could have accomplished any dream of hers. She could do whatever she wishes and be very successful at it.” “I just didn’t think this would ever happen to my darling Angel.” Mrs. Prescott says. According to Mrs. Prescott, Angel was always doing something right, keeping herself busy so she wouldn’t get herself into trouble. Angel’s family still doesn’t know whether to decide if this tragic incident happened on purpose or by accident. When Angel had left her mother’s home, saying goodbye to her sister, her mother found a little note by Angel saying, “Please go onto my Facebook and tell them the tragic accident. My Facebook email is: and my password is delete123. Make a status update saying what had happened, after that, say this exactly, ‘Her DN name is $ Nicki Minaj $ her password to it is kaiserin. Please go onto it from time to time to duel in my honor. If you do not wish this, then I understand. Mom, I wish to be cremated instead of a burial within the next week, please sooner than later. I left some money in your purse for this. I wish for my ashes to be spread over Lilly’s grave. Tell Austin and Alex thank you for everything and that I love them! Tell all my online friends I love them all and I’ll forever be with them!! I love you mom, please take care of Bug… Lilly and I will be watching… I will always be in your heart. Love, always, your Angel.”
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