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John Seth Reef
April 2, 1943   -   January 19 ,

Obituary posted by : j ,  family   
Person Description:
John Seth Reef

Hello, thank you for reading about John Reef (son, husband, father, brother, uncle, friend, naval officer, mechanical engineer, business owner).
b. 1943 He believed in balance and always found something to look forward too.
Married, he was with his wife for over 45 years. Rarely have two like-minded people had the fortune of finding each other.

He was generous, caring, and likable, always had time to help and listen, led by example and earned the respect of everyone he encountered.

He was known by his family for his intellect, remarkable powers of concentration, and always having the right answer.

At age 29 he was partially paralyzed requiring him to walk with a cane and then walker. In 1999, he developed Parkinsonís Disease. His attitude in confronting these overwhelming challenges was inspiring.

His loss was tragically premature, as he will not get to experience his golden years.

He will remain with us, but everything has changed.
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