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August 23, 2003   -   July 02 , 2010

Obituary posted by : Jennie Wetmiller ,  friend   
Person Description:
St. Lucie County, Florida-Billy Brownsandals, 6, died Friday, July 2, 2010 at home as a result of a tragic accident with an end table. He leaves his wearer of 6 years, Jennie; his cousin, Bobby Bluesandals and his companion Wilma Whitesandals-Bluesandals; and many close friends.

Born in a small factory in Taiwan, Billy soon traveled to Vero Beach, Florida This is where he met his solemate and soon to be forever-wearer, Jennie. Together, they made their permanent residence Saint Lucie County. In his early years, he found himself traveling to Alaska, upstate New York, California, and across Canada. Billy loved to travel with his wearer. In the prime of his life he was able to trek across NYC, Key West, London, and Cozumel. Billy had a passion for walking, and won the distinct award “Most Often Worn”. He even served on the board of directors for Jennie’s foot attire. He will be missed immensely.

In his latent years, Billy knew he was getting weak, and he hung on by a thread long enough to make sure that his wearer knew he did not want to die in vain. Billy’s final wishes were to be immortalized in a work of art, so that everyone may enjoy the footprint he made on this world. A private service was held in the afternoon of Friday, July 2.
Service Information:
A private service was held on Friday, July 2, 2010.
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