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william robert jacobs
december 18 1930   -   October 22 , 2009

Obituary posted by : vance jacobs ,  son   
Person Description:
William Robert Jacobs, Married to Cheryl. He fathered Vance, Gene and Michelle. And probably countless others. Gene has two sons and doing very well.
Father Bill, Little Jerry and Glick formed the Straight Satans Motorcycle club. Having been with the Galloping Gooses for a time, they wanted something more. Father Bill was a very intelligent young man. So it came natural to break off and form a separate club. But in his words, it got out of control. An element he didnít count on messed it up for him and his close friends. Newer members, whom they obviously did not know well enough, became very violent and started killing. This stole the joy of the whole experience away from father. Prior to the ugly violence Father enjoyed the whole party atmosphere. The debauchery and drugs was what he was fond of.
Unfortunately it created a messed up family life. They should have chosen to have one or the other, bikes broads etc or children. The two donít mix. He loved us, but he failed to provide the stability required for a happy family life. Father Bill meant well but he remained a drug addict to the end. On the plus side he taught us two boys a trade. It was fun working with him as I grew up. Despite his mistakes he will be missed. For he did have a kind heart. Nor was he abusive. He did his best to protect us from weirdoes and freaks. Doing quite a good job of it. We loved him for his concern and attention.
Service Information:
Services will be unconventional. No progress has been made as of yet. Donít expect much. Sorry
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