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Photo of Celebration Rock Engraved in Bronze Urn
Celebration Rock Engraved in Bronze
Description :"Keeping Their Memory Close To Home" is easy with our personal, memorial and specialty monuments, the natural way to celebrate the milestones of the loved ones in your life while providing a beautiful accent to any outdoor landscaping or backyard garden.

These "Personal Memorial Monuments" have many uses. They are for family or friends who want to memorialize closer to home someone who has had a traditional funeral and is buried at a cemetery too distant to visit frequently.

Or those whose ashes have been scattered on land or at sea, leaving them with no vestige of the individual or "place to be with them."

They are also available manufactured with a moisture-proof, 240 cubic-inch container that is easily accessed and hand-tightened from underneath to add a cremated remains ("cremains") satchel in the privacy of one's home.

The Celebration Rock dimensions are 19"(W)x 28"(L)x 12"(H)
approximate weight is 60 lbs. Colors available are sandstone or gray-brown (please specify)

The 3.5" x 7.25" Bronze plaque is included in the price with up to 6 lines of text (maximum 43 characters per line) we reserve the right to determine the style, size and layout of the text to provide the best possible appearance. Speed of order also determined by the dates of your approval for the Bronze Inscription.

Shipping in the Continental US is $99. Allow 4 to 5 weeks for production and shipment of the monument. Upon production, and you wish to have the shipping overnighted or rush, please check with us for the charges. Regardless, all orders have a $50 Handling Charge added to the total.

Please indicate when you order whether you would like the "Personal Monument" (no cremains container $499), or the "Memorial Monument" (includes cremains container $599)

Call us if you have any questions - 1-800-550-7262.

Typical Price:   $1699.97
Our Price: $499-$599


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